Our Approach

You are unique. Your personal circumstances are the sum of all of your life experiences to date. Your approach to dealing with the challenges life presents will be determined by all of your underlying neurological, biochemical, emotional, and experiential capabilities. In short, your ability to cope with all that life presents will be a function of your unique framework.

We work to deconstruct all of the underlying elements of your framework. We determine which systems are working well, and which ones need reinforcement. We can thus create a plan to create your strongest framework, and increase your resiliency to all of the vagaries of modern life.

All of us share the same elements of our framework:

Genetics: Your DNA creates the most fundamental and foundational structure upon all of your responses to your life and the environment are built. Your genetic code determines how effective and appropriate the reactions your emotional brain can produce. It dictates how efficiently you can produce, utilize, break down, and recycle neurotransmitters, the chemical signaling molecules of all emotion and brain function.

Metabolic function: Your emotional responses are directly reflective of your brain function. Inefficient or impaired metabolic function leads directly to inefficient brain function, and inevitably constrains your ability to cope with the stresses of your life.

Neurological  function: On the smallest level, brain function consists of small chemical events that lead to changes in function between neurons. When these systems are impaired, your ability to regulate emotions appropriately can decrease.

Psychological strategies: Ultimately, the purest expression of your framework will be the cognitive strategies you employ to cope with life events. We often move through life without awareness of the influences of these strategies. Psychological counseling allows us to reveal our strategies, examine them for weaknesses and strengths, and refine them into more effective constructs that enhance our ability to cope with the realities of our lives.