Shauna Hahn, MS, PMHNP

Shauna hails from Saskatchewan, Canada. She is a Plains Cree Indian and member of the George Gordon First Nation. She graduated from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada in 1996. She was admitted to the prestigious Direct Entry Nurse Practitioner program at Oregon Health and Science University in 2003. She graduated as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, and was awarded the Dorothy L Johnson Award for Creativity, Innovation, and Insight in Nursing.

In 2011, Shauna became a member of the National Health Service Corps for her work as a lead clinician at Central City Concern, a busy downtown Portland community mental health practice. She has extensive experience treating patients with the highest psychiatric complexity. Her patients often suffered with quad-morbidity: severe mental illness, serious medical co-morbidities, trauma and substance use, and houselessness. Her work at the Federally Qualified Health Center meant that she was always busy, and she provided over 24,000 individual patient encounters in her 13 years at CCC.

She specializes in the treatment of psychiatric conditions secondary to traumatic brain injuries, and regularly lectures on their diagnosis and treatment at professional conferences. She trained with renowned local community psychiatrist Dr. Phil Shapiro, and is well versed in his Healing Power model, which which emphasizes spiritual solutions to life’s painful problems. She bases her Traumatic Brain Injury support group work on this model.

Shauna offers a functional psychiatry perspective, assessing all of the underlying neurological, metabolic, immune, and nutritional factors that underly psychiatric conditions. She seeks to uncover the root of mental health problems, and strives to treat the cause of the problem rather than simply masking symptoms. Her goal is to treat your condition by taking a the most scientific and wholistic approach possible.

Shauna is excited to bring her expertise to NeuroStar TMS at her beautiful destination clinic, Framework Functional Psychiatry and TMS, in Lake Oswego. Neuromodulation is the new frontier in psychiatry and offers exciting and proven results for people with hard-to-treat depression, chronic pain, OCD and other disorders.

She is avid dog lover, wine maker, and enjoys stand up paddle boarding, reading, live music, and meditation.